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Julie O Rose

Founder of Spacious Unknowing Network
The Conscious of Being Conscious eXPERT
Creator of The Change of Course

Since childhood, I could get lost in a book and glean from its pages what was relevant to my life. I brought my love for life into reading and laid bare the contents of each book to make the message my own.

When I was three years old, I stood before a picture in my parent’s bedroom and faced a snowy-haired ancient one in a sky blue setting. My parents called him ‘God’. With my gaze on him (hymn), from within my Being came one word; ‘integer’. Conscious awareness moved through me. I felt the vibration. Whole. Connected with one and all, to the all of everything.

When I was thirty-three, after many years of prayer, practice and active participation in my life as an integral member of a family and creative community, I was consumed by the light. This was an initiation into the mysteries of life. The light carried me into an inner world replete with beauty and wonder; away from everyone I held dear. Ecstasy, bliss and union barely describe this life with the unknowns made known to me in preparation for new unknowns.

Everyone is unknown to me, so I face each one as a blank slate with selfless service from Inner Being to Inner Being. The movement of consciousness calls me to Be Present in life without fear of death. Dying daily includes the best of what life has to offer.

In 1983, I entered into the separated state, while in my innermost being, I retained the light, my lifeline to truth, being, bliss. I felt deeply the pain of separation and the self-inflicted suffering it invoked. My true purpose was to take in and take on the pain that the ones around me couldn’t feel. Their extended hibernation led to an incubation period for their soul.

Under my watchful eye, with Holy compassion, I tended their wounds. I played out “a drama that hid from them, but was tucked inside”. Now, the make-up of the drama showed up and opened a tiny crevice for healing to begin. Slowly, carefully, with complete attention to the slightest detail, I gave myself over to this laying down of my life for them.

My body became an alchemical retort for transmutation
of the pain and suffering of a few,
to transform the many.

A meeting of all the mystical paths is real today. Truth is expressed openly and the secrets that were guarded from our gaze; aren’t any longer. Now is a wondrous time to be alive. Study alone doesn’t open consciousness. An open heart opens the new mind in consciousness and makes a unified field possible. Wisdom moves us from knowing, to one who knows, to One Who IS.

~ Julie O Rose

Spacious Unknowing Network was an anomaly to me for most of my life. I was my own worst enemy, living in my head and not my life. I truly believed I was wrong and bad. I was addicted to my pain, nothing or no one else mattered. I hit bottom.

I knew that I had to come home to Hawaii to be in my inner work and quantum entangle with my mother in the Spirit of Truth. It was a soul decision prompted by the word of my mother; I could either continue to move around the mess in my life traveling a long road to transformation or I could come to Hawaii and have my transformation be a direct path.

My decision to move home to Hawaii carried me no matter what it looked or felt like. I had to follow my soul rhythm the same way a mother has to give birth to her baby. What I didn’t know or even begin to understand is the true depth, breadth and width of what I was being called into to transform me from the inside out. I was ready for this change and said Yes to Spacious Unknowing Network.

Spacious Unknowing is a direct path to the beauty and wonder of our soul rhythm. I had to decide to no longer straddle the fence between my old life and my new life. My soul knew what I needed, my little will had no muscle and wanted to stay in the comfort of playing at life. Despite my internal dichotomy, my soul voice called me and guided me to begin reading the first part of my mother’s book, “My Radical Life in Spacious Unknowing”.

The tincture in the written word entered my soul, soothing me and giving me courage to excavate my inner landscape. I began to understand the importance of my decisions, whether unconscious or conscious, impacted my life. My soul stirred in a deep inquiry with a need to know. “Who am I?” “What am I made of?” My life has to have meaning. Tears streamed giving rise to a depth of sorrow for my unconscious decisions that flowed into becoming conscious in the moment. A soul stirring life changing happening.

In beholding my mother’s life, I learned to be thorough in my soul awakening and refreshment. Each day brought new guidance to read other authors whose writings expanded my understanding of what I had already read in my mother’s book. Universal Truth is always the same Truth and made me unafraid of the Truth.

Through this period, I listened to Spacious Unknowing Meditation on Soundcloud three to four times a week. The spoken word of the meditation opened me even deeper. The pauses of the meditation allowed me to feel the noise in my head with swirling thoughts and unkind words. The minute I felt or heard a run on thought or harsh word, I brought them to my heart for stillness and peace to live. I needed to live in the now, present in the moment. My soul rhythm

responded and called me to meditate every morning. In meditation, reverence, devotion and love flowed. Spacious Unknowing Network birthed truth and beauty in me to give rise to a new sound and voice. Spacious Unknowing Network is my new life flow and making me conscious of being conscious.


JoJo Rose

Initiate of Spacious Unknowing Network

Creator of Breath Break Meditations

Breath Break Meditation
Plant a seed in your heart, nurture it daily and watch it grow.
Breathe in Love. Breathe out Love.
Breathe deeply and feel Love emanate from you.
Breathe deeply and feel Love return to you Plant a seed in your heart, nurture it daily and feel Love blossom in your life.

~ JoJo Rose