Peace. Be Still.


Whole. Unified Field.


The Spirit of Truth.

“You create your field, I create my field and together we create the Unified Field.”

“You create your field, I create my field and Together we create the Unified Field.”

Julie O Rose – Jo Jo Rose


Spacious Unknowing Network

The Spacious Unknowing Network opens new pathways in consciousness and issues forth something original. Spacious unknowing is virgin territory. Only our virgin heartbeat can give birth to an expansive understanding of what is needed ‘here’ and ‘now’: an emanation of pure love.


Julie O Rose and JoJo Rose affirm you through our weekly talk shows.


We are storytellers with a sense of humor coupled with placing you in the story line.

Spacious unknowing comes alive in you.

Spirit of Truth

The World Needs a Change of Course One Listener at a Time.


Let it guide you in awakened-awareness and Infinite Love. Join Julie O Rose and JoJo Rose every Monday at 7:00 PM PST.

Spacious Unknowing Meditation

Let your heart beat in the Rhythm of your Soul.


Change the Course of your Life Now

We know that the world is filled with chaos, confusion and indiscretion. Do you have a need to strip, lay bare superficial matters and remove external voices and choices the world offers you?


Your Awakened-Awareness

No matter what circumstance shows up in your life to derail you; a gentle pause with a deep breath into your heart of hearts gives itself up to you.

Communing with your Soul

Your Directive

Life-giving-life flows; communing with your soul grants you understanding for the action needed in this moment. Spacious unknowing comes alive in you.

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“The Essence of a Rose is its Fragrance…

~ Drink in the sweetness.” Julie O Rose

Stillness is where deep currents flow.

You are not a box, but a currency that FLOWS.

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